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Surgical Facility   
Plastic surgery is a medical and cosmetic specialty concerned with repair and reconstruction of lost, injured and deformed body parts as a result of burns, cancer, trauma, birth defects, etc. This type of surgery generally does not deal with viscera, but with the non-visceral structures, viz. scalp, skull, external ear, face and facial bones, chest wall, abdominal wall, external genitalia and extremities. Kalra Hospital has special facility with separate cubicles to nurse patients with burns.

The plastic surgery wing is well equipped with state of the art equipment to provide a full range of plastic and reconstructive surgery.
Acute or fresh burns from direct flames, hot liquids, acids, electricity flash etc. require urgent care. In some instances skin cover is required within a few days to prevent life threatening complications.
Reconstructive surgery and use of Free Flaps for reconstruction of defects is the recent advance in cancer reconstruction of face and other parts of the body. These are single stage reconstructions can be combined with surgery...
Hair transplantation is the most common cosmetic surgery procedure requested by male patients. The commonest cause of baldness is genetic. Depending upon the severity, male baldness is classified into 7 grades.
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