Dr.Anand Kale

M. S (Gen. Surgery) and M. Ch. (Plastic Surgery) is Consulting Plastic Surgeon,

he has his own state of art Burns ICU, with laser and cosmetic surgery centre in Bhopal(India). Dr. Anand Kale has a more than 10 years Experience in cosmetic, Plastic and reconstructive surgery, critical Burns treatment, Post burns Deformities and cosmetic rehabilitation of burns surgery, and is well known for the quality of his surgical results. Dr. Anand Kale completed residencies in specialties - Burns (burns, post burns deformities Surgery), Cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgeries.

Taking into consideration the ratio of affected patient and availability of qualified surgeons in this area, Dr Anand Kale developed a well operated and well equipped center to heal patients affected from different areas. He has his specialization on areas of burns, trauma, critical care .

Anand Kale


To touch the life of suffering burns and impacted patients and provide solutions in terms of pain relief, scar management, deformity corrections .