Hair transplantation is the most common cosmetic surgery procedure requested by male patients. The commonest cause of baldness is genetic. Depending upon the severity, male baldness is classified into 7 grades. Hair falls from the front and the centre of the head, but even in the cases of extreme baldness, hair loss does not occur from the back and sides of the head, as these hairs are permanent and are not influenced by the gene that causes baldness. Hairs are taken from the sides and back of the head and hair transplant or grafting is done to the bald area by Follicular Unit Transplant Technique(FUT) and single hair grafts.

The transplanted hair are permanent, grow like normal hair and need haircuts later. The transplanted hair never fall and grow continuously at a rate of 2-3 cm per month like other hair. Shampoo and oil can be applied & they can be combed to the style of your choice.

The patient goes home immediately after the operation. One or more sittings may be required, depending on the severity and extent of baldness. Usually, a maximum of upto 7000 to 8500 Follicle Grafts can be transplanted in one sitting. If required, the next sitting can be done after 6 months. Anyone can do 4 to 5 sittings at the gap of 6 months each to cover a big area of baldness.

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Many women are unhappy with the size or shape of their breasts for various reasons. Surgery of the breast is a reliable and safe option for thousands of women who wish to change the appearance of their breasts, whether they are looking for larger breasts more in proportion with their figure, reduction in the size and shape of too-large breasts after a mastectomy, or an lift of the breasts for breasts that have drooped whether it be due to aging, breastfeeding, weight loss or weight gain. For these women, surgery of the breast is often the long-term answer.

The female breast lies between the 2 nd and the 6 th ribs. The major muscles under the breast gland are the pectoralis and serratus anterior muscle. The pigmented portion of the breast which surrounds the nipple is called theareola. The sensation to the nipples comes from nerves arising from the fourth rib space. The development of the female breast begins during puberty. The preadolescent breast consists of a small elevated nipple with no elevation of the underlying breast tissue. Between the ages of 8 and 14, secondary characteristics become apparent. Breast buds appear, and further enlargement of the breasts and areola follows. After pregnancies, the areola of the female breast will further enlarge in size.

The breast has three principal components:

  • The glandular tissue is organized into 12 to 20 lobes, each of which terminates into a duct that opens on the surface of the nipple.
  • The glandular tissue is supported by fibrous tissue, including suspensory ligaments that are connected both to the skin and the tissue underlying the breast.
  • Fat surrounds the breast and predominates both superficially and peripherally. The proportions of these components vary with age, the general state of nutrition, pregnancy, and other factors.

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation is a procedure to enlarge as well as enhance the shape of your breasts. It brings out symmetry in the developmental defects. In this treatment, you are given a silicon implant which is inserted in under the tissues of breasts or under the muscles under the tissues. People have a perception that this can affect the breast feeding once a woman gets pregnant but it is totally false. All these things are taken care of and the surgery is done very carefully.People think that to get it done is not at all safe and ethical. Considering this, with the approval of US-FDA has totally changed the scenario and we get a lot of people who want to get it done and have no doubts about getting any kind of side effects. Till date, there has been no cancer that can be connected with breasts implants.

With the help of finest equipments, this surgery doesn't take long to get done and you can easily walk back home after few hours of the surgery. Breast take few weeks to get back normal and then you can comfortably precede your life without any hesitation.

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Breast reduction

There are many men who suffer from the embarrassment of having enlarged breasts, because of which they are being looked upon with different eyes by people and their own folks too. An enlarged male breast is not a big problem as it seems to be and the problem can be rectified with a cosmetic surgery.

We remove the accumulated fat which is also called glandular tissue. In rare cases the skin is also removed from the chest which flattens the area giving you a lean look. Our professionals will first tell you all in's and out's about the procedure and then with total care; the surgery would be done to you.

It is a one time process and you need not to come back again to get the fat removed from the breasts. In other words, we can say that; it's just one time and you are all sorted forever. The change you will experience in the appearance of your breasts will make you fall in love with yourself once again. But if you are a smoker then do not opt for this surgery. The surgery will suit best to people who are healthy and have elastic and firm skin.

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